Bitcoin Rival Soars, Then Stumbles, in Tumultuous Second Day

Bitcoin Cash spent its second day in existence bouncing back in another volatile day. In frenetic trading, Bitcoin Cash jumped above $ 700, before falling back to $ 458.94 in afternoon trading, according to digital currency tracker The latest price was about 87% higher than it was a day ago, yet about 35% lower than its Wednesday peak. Bitcoin Cash’s market capitalization of about $ 7.4 billion was the third highest among cryptocurrencies, behind…

"Bitcoin Rival Soars, Then Stumbles, in Tumultuous Second Day"

Bitcoin soars to a new all-time high

Digital currency bitcoin hit a fresh record high on Wednesday, surging above $ 2,400, as demand for crypto-assets soared with the creation of new tokens to raise funding for start-ups using blockchain technology. Blockchain, the underlying technology behind bitcoin, is a financial ledger maintained by a network of computers that can track the movement of any… bitcoins | New York Post

"Bitcoin soars to a new all-time high"

Bitcoin soars past $1,700 for the first time

Bitcoin seems unstoppable, topping $ 1,700 for the first time on Tuesday. The cryptocurrency is up 5.71% at $ 1,758.45 a coin, as trade grinds higher for the 16th time in 18 sessions. It has gained nearly 50% during its run. Tuesday’s gain comes without any obvious catalyst as traders await the US Securities and Exchange Commission’s ruling on whether it will reverse its decision to reject the Winklevoss twins’ exchange-traded fund. The SEC rejected two…

"Bitcoin soars past $1,700 for the first time"