Feds seize $48M from ‘Silk Road’ mastermind

Manhattan federal prosecutors boasted Friday that they have seized $ 48 million from convicted Silk Road mastermind Ross Ulbricht. Ulbricht, serving a life sentence for his role in running the illegal online drug marketplace, gave up his right to the money recently when he “withdrew his claim,” the feds said, citing an order from Judge Katherine… bitcoins | New York Post

"Feds seize $48M from ‘Silk Road’ mastermind"

Silk Road kingpin uses ‘Cannibal Cop’ defense

The kingpin behind the black-market Web site Silk Road is just like the “Cannibal Cop” — he’s all talk and no action, his lawyer insisted Thursday. Lawyer Joshua Dratel said in court that his client, Ross Ulbricht, only talked about hiring hitmen to kill people in online chats and there is no proof that any… bitcoins | New York Post

"Silk Road kingpin uses ‘Cannibal Cop’ defense"