OVERSTOCK EXEC: ‘It’s crazy that so many retailers don’t accept bitcoin’

The price of bitcoin has been on a tear over the last year, but the number of top merchants who accept the cryptocurrency as a form of payment has retreated. That’s puzzling to Jonathan Johnson, the president of Medici Ventures, the venture capital subsidiary of online retailer Overstock. Johnson played an integral role in getting the retailer known for its furniture stock to accept the cryptocurrency. He told Business Insider that Overstock has seen a “modest”…

"OVERSTOCK EXEC: ‘It’s crazy that so many retailers don’t accept bitcoin’"

Overstock CEO takes ‘indefinite’ medical leave

Overstock.com founder and Chief Executive Patrick Byrne said Monday he will take an indefinite leave of absence from the online retailer as he battles Stage 4 hepatitis C. Byrne — who said he wanted “to save awkward questions” — volunteered that he contracted the liver infection caused by a bloodborne virus in 1984 in China,… bitcoins | New York Post

"Overstock CEO takes ‘indefinite’ medical leave"