Bitcoin nearly hits $3,000 before plunging

Bitcoin’s wild ride is continuing on Monday. The cryptocurrency climbed to a lifetime high of $ 2,999.97 a coin in overnight action, but it has seen a sharp drop from its highs. It’s now trading down by $ 286, or 9.7%, at $ 2,666 a coin. Monday’s action comes without any real catalyst, as trade appears to be fueled by buying in Asia. Recently, China’s three largest bitcoin exchanges lifted their ban on clients’ withdrawals.…

"Bitcoin nearly hits $3,000 before plunging"

Bitcoin price surges to nearly $1K as year ends

In a year when whipsawing markets are poised to end much higher, one of Wall Street’s most curious investments could come out on top: bitcoin. The digital currency is one of the best-performing assets of 2016, rising more than 124 percent since the start of the year — as investors in China and India push… bitcoins | New York Post

"Bitcoin price surges to nearly $1K as year ends"