Company Plays the Name Game

Companies have a long history of juicing their share prices – at least temporarily – by renaming themselves to reflect the latest investment fad. Burton Malkiel writes of a company that sold records door-to-door during the height of the Kennedy bull market’s fascination with the Space Race. Its shares rose sevenfold after it changed its name to Space Tone. And there was MIS International which briefly did even better after changing its name to…

"Company Plays the Name Game"

How to get a start in the cryptocurrency game

As bitcoin reaches for $ 2,500 again, I thought this would be a good time to let readers know exactly how digital currencies work and how to get more information if you wish to partake in this alternative investment. There will be only 21 million bitcoins created, and as of last month, roughly 16.8 million or… bitcoins | New York Post

"How to get a start in the cryptocurrency game"