Bitcoin is closing in on its all-time high

Bitcoin is trading at its best level in a month. The cryptocurrency is up 2.8% at $ 1241.35 a coin and is within striking distance of its all-time closing high of $ 1277.65, which was set on March 6. Four days later, bitcoin put in a record high of $ 1327.19 before crashing more than 25% after the US Securities and Exchange Commission rejected the Winklevoss twins’ plans for a bitcoin ETF. The SEC rejected the plans…

"Bitcoin is closing in on its all-time high"

Bitcoin Price Recovers as Hacked Exchange Remains Offline

Bitcoin’s price has stabilized following this week’s massive hack and theft of $ 65 million in bitcoin from a Hong Kong exchange, as some traders seized on the lower price to strategically buy the dip. Myriad questions about the hack itself remain unanswered, however. On Tuesday, a trading site called Bitfinex was attacked by a hacker, who exploited the site’s security protocols and stole just under 200,000 bitcoins, at the time worth about $ 65…

"Bitcoin Price Recovers as Hacked Exchange Remains Offline"

Bitcoin is roaring back

Bitcoin is higher for a second straight day on Tuesday, trading up 6.5% at $ 1,110 a coin as of 2:13 p.m. ET. The cryptocurrency has rallied about 17% since Sunday’s low, rebounding from a slump over the weekend that followed a Wall Street Journal report that the cryptocurrency’s developers were threatening to set up a “hard fork,” or alternative marketplace for bitcoin. The new platform would be incompatible with the current platform, thus creating a split…

"Bitcoin is roaring back"

Bruce Springsteen’s promoter ventures into bitcoin

From Bruce Springsteen to bitcoin guru? Michael Solomon, a New York talent mogul who lately has shifted his focus from rock stars to tech geniuses, just landed a client who he says qualifies as both. Jeff Garzik — a core developer of the blockchain technology that underlies the controversial cryptocurrency bitcoin — is now available… bitcoins | New York Post

"Bruce Springsteen’s promoter ventures into bitcoin"

Should You Put Bitcoin in Your IRA?

One of the world’s hottest assets is also the newest way to invest for retirement. But it carries the most old-fashioned risk of all: losing buckets of money in the blink of an eye. Since last June, Bitcoin IRA, a firm based in Sherman Oaks, Calif., has been offering Individual Retirement Accounts that can provide direct ownership interests in bitcoin, the so-called cryptocurrency. The firm’s timing couldn’t be better: Bitcoin’s market value shot up 123%…

"Should You Put Bitcoin in Your IRA?"

Bitcoin spikes above $1,000

Bitcoin is trading up 1.2% at $ 1,049 a coin as of 7:37 a.m. ET after aggressive selling on Wednesday slammed the cryptocurrency below the $ 1,000 level for just the second time since the beginning of Febraury. Traders continue to grapple with the possibility that developers could set up a “hard fork,” or alternative marketplace for bitcoin, as well a crackdown on trading in China and the US Securities and Exchange Commission’s upcoming rulings on bitcoin ETFs.  Thursday’s buying…

"Bitcoin spikes above $1,000"

A Can’t-Lose Bet on Trump and Bitcoin

A wager involving Donald Trump and bitcoin gives new meaning to the phrase no lose proposition. Gambling site BetMoose allows anonymous players to make wagers on all manner of events from the Oscars to the French presidential election. But one bet in particular has an odd payoff structure: Will Trump ban Bitcoin? An anonymous player, “Protus,” has a wager for both “yes” and “no,” which might normally be a sort of arbitrage. Protus, who has…

"A Can’t-Lose Bet on Trump and Bitcoin"

Volatile Bitcoin Nears Its All-Time High

The price of the digital currency bitcoin is once again testing its all-time highs as a shake-up in China gives a boost to the Japanese cryptocurrency market and speculation mounts about a possible bitcoin exchange-traded fund. Bitcoin on Wednesday traded as high as $ 1,125, according to Coindesk’s Bitcoin Price Index, approaching its intraday high of $ 1,150, set on Jan. 5. That prior high, though, was the start of a steep drop. From Jan 5…

"Volatile Bitcoin Nears Its All-Time High"

Taking Bitcoin to the stock market won’t do much for its risky image

Since its inception in 2008 digital currency Bitcoin has attracted critics who argue it’s inherently risky. The latest push to create an exchange traded fund (ETF) in order to make trading it easier, suggests attitudes to it haven’t changed. But some risks associated with a Bitcoin ETF is just like any other asset that becomes tied to investors and the stock market. The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has already rejected an application to…

"Taking Bitcoin to the stock market won’t do much for its risky image"

Gold 2.0 (Bitcoin) Price Now Higher Than Gold 1.0 (Gold)

Gold 2.0 is now pricier than gold 1.0. The price of bitcoin surged on Thursday to a fresh record, trading as high as $ 1,252. That is above the previous all-time high of $ 1,242 that the currency set back on Nov. 29, 2013, on the Mt. Gox exchange before that exchange’s collapse (because that price was recorded only on Mt. Gox, it generally was not regard as the currency’s “real” record high, though it…

"Gold 2.0 (Bitcoin) Price Now Higher Than Gold 1.0 (Gold)"