Bitcoin continues its massive surge

Bitcoin is having its moment. The often maligned crypto-currency continued its incredible run on Monday, soaring to nearly $ 2,200 at 10:30 p.m. — leaving it up 124 percent this year and ahead nearly 400 percent over the past 12 months, according to Coindesk. By comparison, the Dow Jones industrial average, in the midst of a… bitcoins | New York Post

"Bitcoin continues its massive surge"

Scorching-Hot Bitcoin Drops $300 in an Hour- and Still Rises on the Day

How red-hot is bitcoin? The digital currency dropped $ 300 in one hour this afternoon – and it was still up on the day. Why wasn’t it down on the day? Because it rose by more than $ 300 in the morning. Bitcoin is going through one of its moments. It has doubled just this month alone, with several different drivers all converging on what is still a relatively thin market. That sparked a scramble to…

"Scorching-Hot Bitcoin Drops $300 in an Hour- and Still Rises on the Day"

Bitcoin is soaring — here’s what the cryptocurrency is all about

Bitcoin is a currency just like the US dollar or Mexican peso. It’s also back in the headlines after soaring in value. One bitcoin was worth $ 2,800 on May 25, up from $ 1,200 at the end of April. In countries that accept it, you can buy groceries and clothes just as you would with the local currency. Only bitcoin is entirely digital; no one is carrying actual bitcoins around in their pocket. Bitcoin is…

"Bitcoin is soaring — here’s what the cryptocurrency is all about"

Bitcoin soars to a new all-time high

Digital currency bitcoin hit a fresh record high on Wednesday, surging above $ 2,400, as demand for crypto-assets soared with the creation of new tokens to raise funding for start-ups using blockchain technology. Blockchain, the underlying technology behind bitcoin, is a financial ledger maintained by a network of computers that can track the movement of any… bitcoins | New York Post

"Bitcoin soars to a new all-time high"

Bitcoin isn’t 100 percent anonymous — here’s how to further hide your purchases

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that can help protect your identity when making purchases online. But it’s not foolproof. Kevin Mitnick, one of the world’s most famous hackers and author of the book “The Art of Invisibility,” offers some tips that will help you remain anonymous. Follow Tech Insider: On Facebook Following is a transcript of the video: The whole idea of really being truly invisible is a disconnect between you as the user and your first…

"Bitcoin isn’t 100 percent anonymous — here’s how to further hide your purchases"

Bitcoin surges past $1,900 for the first time

Bitcoin is at it again. Overnight, the cryptocurrency topped $ 1,900 for the first time. It is now trading up by 2.3% at $ 1,938.81 a coin. Friday’s gains have bitcoin up by about 102% since March 27. The cryptocurrency has gained in 23 of the past 26 sessions. The rally has seemingly been sparked by news out of Japan at the beginning of April that bitcoin is now considered a legal payment method in…

"Bitcoin surges past $1,900 for the first time"

Bitcoin may be headed for a bubble

This story was delivered to BI Intelligence “Fintech Briefing” subscribers. To learn more and subscribe, please click here. On Thursday, bitcoin prices reached an all-time high, trading at $ 1,820 at this time of writing to beat last week’s record of $ 1,461. This meteoric rise is likely still being driven by the impetus coming from Japan — trading volumes soared on its bitFlyer bitcoin exchange due to major institutional investment into the platform in…

"Bitcoin may be headed for a bubble"

Bitcoin shoots past $1,800 for the first time

Bitcoin is trading at another record high on Thursday. The cryptocurrency is up 4.59% at $ 1853.55 a coin after Ulmart, Russia’s largest online retailer, said it would begin accepting bitcoin, Cryptocoin News says.  The announcement from Ulmart comes despite Russia’s central bank saying it would wait until 2018 to consider allowing the use of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. At the beginning of April, Japan’s regulators announced bitcoin is now a legal payment method in the country.  Bitcoin’s…

"Bitcoin shoots past $1,800 for the first time"

Bitcoin Blows Past $1,700 Mark, Up 80% This Year

The price of the digital currency bitcoin surged past $ 1,700 on Tuesday after a 6% rise driven by new speculative buying in a new kind of capital raising and virtual-currency creation dubbed the “initial coin offering.” Bitcoin traded hit an intraday record high of $ 1,747 on the index maintained by the research site CoinDesk. That would put it up about 80% year-to-date, after closing 2016 at $ 968. Even for bitcoin, a currency whose short…

"Bitcoin Blows Past $1,700 Mark, Up 80% This Year"

Bitcoin soars past $1,700 for the first time

Bitcoin seems unstoppable, topping $ 1,700 for the first time on Tuesday. The cryptocurrency is up 5.71% at $ 1,758.45 a coin, as trade grinds higher for the 16th time in 18 sessions. It has gained nearly 50% during its run. Tuesday’s gain comes without any obvious catalyst as traders await the US Securities and Exchange Commission’s ruling on whether it will reverse its decision to reject the Winklevoss twins’ exchange-traded fund. The SEC rejected two…

"Bitcoin soars past $1,700 for the first time"