A Closer Look at R3′s Concord

R3 CEV, the much-watched but opaque startup that brought together more than 60 banks in an effort to build a blockchain-based platform for the financial industry, finally took the wraps off its plans, filing a patent application for software within a new platform it calls Concord. Executives from the company sat down with us earlier this week and gave us a preview of the product, from which the following was derived. Concord is a platform that…

"A Closer Look at R3′s Concord"

Bitcoin could be on the edge of a cliff

Let me be clear: I do not trade bitcoin, but I do write about it often. Before going into journalism, I spent my days trading. I learned a lot about technical analysis during that time, and right now, technical analysis spells huge trouble ahead for the cryptocurrency.  Let’s recap what has been going on in the bitcoin market so far this year.  Bitcoin rallied 120% in 2016 and has been the top-performing currency in each of…

"Bitcoin could be on the edge of a cliff"

Bitcoin whiz jumps ship at Wells Fargo for rival IBM

A top Wells Fargo techie in charge of engineering its bleeding-edge banking platform is leaving for rival IBM by the end of the month, The Post has learned. Jesse Lund, who leads the bank’s Technology Group Innovation Lab based in Irvine, Calif., is leaving on Jan. 31, Ann Wasik, a bank spokeswoman, confirmed to The… bitcoins | New York Post

"Bitcoin whiz jumps ship at Wells Fargo for rival IBM"

Using the Blockchain to Trade Gold, Via a 1,000-Year-Old Institution

The UK’s Royal Mint is teaming up with the world’s biggest futures exchange operator to launch a new way to trade physical gold based on the technology behind the digital currency bitcoin. The product, to be called Royal Mint Gold, or RMG, will launch in 2017, the mint said in a joint press release with Chicago-based exchange giant CME Group on Tuesday. Each RMG will be a digital record certifying ownership of gold at a…

"Using the Blockchain to Trade Gold, Via a 1,000-Year-Old Institution"

Should You Put Bitcoin in Your IRA?

One of the world’s hottest assets is also the newest way to invest for retirement. But it carries the most old-fashioned risk of all: losing buckets of money in the blink of an eye. Since last June, Bitcoin IRA, a firm based in Sherman Oaks, Calif., has been offering Individual Retirement Accounts that can provide direct ownership interests in bitcoin, the so-called cryptocurrency. The firm’s timing couldn’t be better: Bitcoin’s market value shot up 123%…

"Should You Put Bitcoin in Your IRA?"

Venezuela is cracking down on ‘bitcoin fever’

Venezuela’s economy has seen its  currency, the bolivar, plummet as inflation has spiraled into the triple digits, causing people there to struggle to meet their daily needs. In response, some Venezuelans have chosen to cross international borders to stock up on needed supplies, as others turn to a black market where goods are often sold in US dollars. Another alternative that has gained traction is bitcoin, a cryptocurrency whose value wobbles frequently and which can…

"Venezuela is cracking down on ‘bitcoin fever’"

Decision on Winklevoss twins’ bitcoin fund to be announced

It’s no Facebook IPO, but the Winklevii will take it. On Friday, the Securities and Exchange Commission will hand down a long-awaited decision on whether to allow the Harvard-educated nemeses of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to launch an exchange-traded fund of bitcoins. The Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust, which would make it easier for mom-and-pop investors to… bitcoins | New York Post

"Decision on Winklevoss twins’ bitcoin fund to be announced"

A Can’t-Lose Bet on Trump and Bitcoin

A wager involving Donald Trump and bitcoin gives new meaning to the phrase no lose proposition. Gambling site BetMoose allows anonymous players to make wagers on all manner of events from the Oscars to the French presidential election. But one bet in particular has an odd payoff structure: Will Trump ban Bitcoin? An anonymous player, “Protus,” has a wager for both “yes” and “no,” which might normally be a sort of arbitrage. Protus, who has…

"A Can’t-Lose Bet on Trump and Bitcoin"

Bitcoin Price Recovers as True Believers Keep the Faith

For a crowd of uber-distrustful cryptoanarchists, bitcoiners are still a pretty optimistic lot. How else to describe the price action over the weekend for the digital currency, which ostensibly suffered a sharp setback after the Securities and Exchange Commission denied an application from Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss to build and sell a bitcoin-based exchange traded fund? The price of bitcoin on Friday plunged after the SEC order came out. After trading as high as $…

"Bitcoin Price Recovers as True Believers Keep the Faith"

Bitcoin is making a gigantic comeback

Bitcoin is making a gigantic comeback. The cryptocurrency had plunged by more than 16% shortly after US markets closed Friday, putting in a low of $ 978, following the US Securities and Exchange Commission’s ruling to reject the Winklevoss twins’ exchange-traded fund. But now it’s back to $ 1,231, up 26% from its lows and about $ 60 below its preannouncement levels. Bitcoin hit an all-time high of $ 1,327 on Friday morning. “Based on…

"Bitcoin is making a gigantic comeback"